Programs & Shows

Watching shows and programs including catch-up TV is a simple matter of going to the channel that broadcasts the show on your television and follow the links. Australians can get access to On demand TV shows, films and seasons via connected devices. Catchup lets viewers in Australia watch or watch again shows from your favorite […]

Telstra TV | Netflix , Stan & YouTube


Australians have enthusiastically embraced video streaming as an entertainment platform, so today we are excited to announce we are partnering with world-leading, streaming platform Roku, Inc., to launch Telstra TV – a new brand-new streaming service designed specifically for Australians. What Is Telstra TV? Telstra TV will add to Telstra’s existing entertainment services, which include […]

Netflix New Partners in Oz


Netflix’s exclusive partnership with Singtel-Optus has ended after three months, setting the stage for a bidding war between rival telcos vying to offer the popular service to win new customers. Both companies signed a deal that let Optus heavily feature Netflix in its marketing campaigns and hand out free subscriptions after the video-on-demand service’s Australian […]

IPTV Advertising Model


Buying the rights to content model will disappear enabling anyone access to content for their customers. Content owners who also deliver their own content such as News Corp through Foxtel will eventually change over to this model. Through IPTV analytics content owners will be given access by the IPTV Broadcasters to live statistics of their shows […]

Australian TV On Demand


TV on-demand streaming services or subscription video services costing as little as $10 a month will soon dominate Australian television. Presto, Stan and Netflix will launch in 2015 competing with Quickflix. Presto Entertainment is a joint venture between Foxtel and Seven West Media who may team with up with Telstra to bundle the SVOD service […]

Netflix Reality Check


For decades, Australians have paid more for television and movie entertainment than many of our overseas kin. Only recently have consumers begun to realise that companies operating here have, for years, been squeezing as much money as they can out of their content. But, as with clothes, cars and cosmetics, the argument that Australia’s isolation […]

Foxtel – TPG TV Deal


Foxtel has licensed some of its television channels to cut-price internet service provider TPG Telecom, which is set to launch its own premium television service from early 2015. The unprecedented move by Foxtel to sell a “white label” version of its content to an independent competitor is a further sign of the radical efforts by […]

Telstra Scraps T-Box


Telstra is expected to scrap its T-Box personal video recorder and internet television device. Foxtel is understood to be developing a cheaper set-top box in addition to its anticipated state of the art IQ3. The cheaper box will carry Foxtel’s Presto subscription video on demand [SVOD] service launched in March 2014. It’s possible the two […]

Google + Foxtel + Chromecast = IPTV


Google is hoping to embed Foxtel’s forthcoming video-on-demand service Presto and internet TV offering Foxtel Play as the key broadcast content for its forthcoming digital media player, Chromecast. Foxtel’s 50 per cent shareholder, Telstra, has led the early stage talks with Google, which began late last year. Google wishes to launch Chromecast, a dongle that […]

WiFi & IPTV Platform for Sydney Cricket Ground


The Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) is implementing a new Wi-Fi network which is set to go live in January 2014. The network will allow sports fans to view high definition IPTV and mobile video on their smartphones or tablets. They can also order food and drinks without having to leave their seat. The platform means the […]