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TPG IPTV allows you to watch selected TV channels via your PC or Notebook which are delivered to you through your TPG ADSL2+ connection, without the need to purchase an additional expensive set top box. TPG ADSL2+ modems are now available pre configured for IPTV.
TPG is offering its ADSL2+ customers (at selected IPTV enabled exchanges) FREE IPTV Trial with their broadband connections.
Additional channels (both free and subscription based) will be added to our line up shortly.

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2 Responses to “TPG IPTV”

Ernest Kek Thursday 15 April 2010

need help with all parameters I’ve tried everything to get IPTV back up and running on my home PC. I have a good connection 14mbit/1mbit

Michael Ramanauskas Monday 26 April 2010


I am having trouble registering for the IPTV.

I hav e a Dynalink RTA1046VW router and using Zonealarm with Windows7.
The speed test seems to pass ok. Tried talking to TPG support.
I thought I would see if you had any suggestions.
I see the first animation, but then it states the software is not installed.
I have checked the configuration for the additional connection, it seems ok with the little information I have. If you specific configuration details for the modem to have IPTV working.

Your assistance would be appreciated.


Michael Ramanauskas.